Mint Hill Town Commissioner

A native of Mint Hill, "Mickey" Ellington believes a person should make a contribution to the community and help prepare for the future needs of its citizens, including inevitable growth. Planning for adequate growth, allowing the tax base to expand under strict control and not permitting the destruction of our community atmosphere is essential.

I am very proud of our new Town Hall and our continued work on renovating the old Town Hall for our Police Department. I am most proud of the fact that we were able to build both of these facilities without any tax increases or debt issuances.


• I am extremely proud to have volunteered my skills as a Licensed General Contractor to the Korean War Memorial located at the Town's Park on Fairview. This contribution of my time and resources is the least I could offer to those who have fought and died for our freedoms.

• The new facility serves as a centerpiece for our town, of which we can all be proud, has helped spur development in our downtown area and provides needed office space for Town Staff today and for the next 30 years and beyond.

• Work is continuing on the old Town Hall for use as a permanent location for our Police Department. This re-use of an existing facility is evidence of the fiscal responsibility that I have and will continue to exercise.

• I supported and voted for nearly one mile of new sidewalks in our Town. These sidewalks will provide safe passage for our residents throughout our Town.

• I worked hand in hand with Town and State staff on the lifting of the moratorium on water extensions in Goose Creek Basin. This important action will provide a large portion of our Town with the opportunity to access safe, affordable drinking water.

• I have a strong desire to maintain Mint Hill's already low tax rate by further exercising fiscal responsibility and am pleased to have voted in support of a reduction in the tax rate for fiscal year 2012.

• I continue to be a staunch supporter of the Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department.

• My commitment to the youth of Mint Hill continues to be evident via my continued support of the Mint Hill Athletic Association.

• I strongly support the Mint Hill Police Department in its mission to keep Mint Hill citizens safe.

• As a lifelong Mint Hill citizen I know that fulfilling the needs of the citizenry is a Commissioner's most important responsibility.

• It is important that we continue working with NCDOT to improve and maintain the State roads that go through Mint Hill.

There are many projects just getting started that I'm involved with that I would like to see through to completion.

I am very proud to have served on a Board that has excercised a great deal of fiscal responsibility, proven by the tax rate which remains among the lowest in the County while still providing a high level of service that rivals any municipality in the State.

I will continue to be a strong supporter of the Mint Hill and Idlewild Volunteer Fire Departments and wish to continue working with the Mayor and other Commissioners to make sure that the Department has what it needs to keep our Town safe.

Civic/Community Involvement

• Charter Member, Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce
• Past President, Mint Hill Business Association
• Charter Member, Mint Hill Masonic Lodge #742
• Member, Oasis Shrine Temple
• Member, Oasis Golf Club
• Served on Mint Hill Planning Board for 11 years,
  6 years as Chairman
• Member, Mint Hill Board of Commissioners
• Member, Mint Hill Lion's Club

Religious Involvement

Life Member of Philadelphia Presbyterian Church

Currently serving as Elder

What does Mickey support

• Keeping taxes low and protecting property values
• Quality development over quantity
• Water and sewer systems analysis to provide
  services to ALL Mint Hill residents
• Continuing support for our Fire
  Department/Ambulance Service
• Communicating with constituents, homeowners'   associations, business owners and church leaders   regarding their concerns and ideas
• The Mint Hill Police Department

• The Mint Hill Athletic Association
• My availability to citizens to help with their concerns
  is of the utmost importance
• Sidewalks/Pedestrian amenities
• Veterans' Day Celebration to honor those who
  sacrificed the most
• Senior Citizens Christmas party------------------------------
• Mint Hill Arts